Interim Manager for Fintech Company at Low Income Finance Transformation Research Company ( L-IFT BV)

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Job Description

This is: A chance to become co-founder of a business that already has track-record — the benefits of founder but without the drawbacks

L-IFT has years of experience in financial diaries research. The research participants so much enjoyed the process of the research that we developed an app through which they could continue reporting their diaries. The app enables us to serve participants in a number of ways including showing them an overview of their finances, making suggestions to improve their financial management. The track-record can serve them to build credit-worthiness and access loans. Likewise it will help users to convince employers about their experience and their attitude.

The app is beyond the trial phase. While updates and improvements continue to take place weekly, for more than 500 users in 5 countries the app is performing and serving its purpose.

L-IFT has already its first paying organisational client. Next step is selling to at least 10 organisations (international NGOs, MFIs, UN organisations or government institutions).

Therefore, the Interim Manager will lead the team of Finbit app; promote it worldwide; sell it to organizations such as international NGOs, MFIs, UN organisations or government institutions. The interim manager is expected to take this fintech to the next level

*Please note that salary will be competitive for someone living in Addis Ababa and does not allow for relocation

Do you want?

  • Young, committed colleagues
  • Independent FinTech company but funding from mother firm
  • Work worldwide from Addis base
  • Flexibility
  • Building organisational customer base
  • Serving low-income people with tools and services they need

Job Requirements

Are you?

  • Visionary
  • Ambitious
  • Outgoing
  • Strategic thinker
  • A fighter

Do you have?

  • A winning personality
  • Experience in or strong affinity with financial services
  • Clear ideas how to grow a social enterprise
  • Ability to build and leverage a wide network
  • Ability to work on tight budgets
  • Compassion

Minimum Requirements

  • Academic training, in business or similar
  • At least three years of high level experience in management

Are you the person who can take this fintech to the next level? (and the many levels beyond that?

Submit your CV and Application on Company Website : Click Here

Closing Date : March 22, 2020

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