Computer Science Lecturer at Mekdela Amba University

Job Requirements

Background Specialization Qualification Academic Rank Quantity
Computer Science/ IT/ Information system/ Software Engineering &  and related fields Computer Science/ IT/ Software Engineering/ Information system/ Computer networking and communication and computer network Engineering and related fields MSc & Above Lecturer & Above


Computer Science/ IT/ software engineering and related fields ———- BSc. Graduate assistant and above


Computer engineering/ Electrical Engineering Communication stream/  Computer engineering stream BSc. Assistant lecturer  and above


Applicants should have an undergraduate degree cumulative GPA of 3.00 and above  for males,  2.75 and above for females, 2.5 and above for a person having physical disabilities and applicant from emerging regions and pastoral areas; and a masters degree CGPA of 3.5 and above for males and 3.35 and above for Females,  3.15 and above for physical disabilities and pastoral and emerging regions

Application should have thesis result B+, Very good and above

For Assistant professor and above academic ranks CGPA should be treated differently

Application should attach their curriculum vitae, copies of degree and other relevant documents to their application letter.

Salaries will be according to the higher education institution scale.

Female candidates are encouraged.

Teaching expertise in higher education is preferable.

Proven expertise in conducting research and training is acceptable.

Application should be in person/ with his/her delegate.

The applicant must bring original documents during the time of registration

Examination date will be informed by telephone/mobile number/ internal notice.

Applicants’ age should be below 45 Years for MSc/ MA.

For technical assistant applicants only BSc. Zero year work experience, Level III – three years work experience as TA-I, for level IV applicants two years work experience as TA-I (Level III and IV must submit COC document)

Place of application: – Mekdela Amba University, Tulu Awliya and Mekaneselam campus.

You can also attach your document through:

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Contact details: – Office Tel no. 0338922121/Mobile: 0914343102/ 0914069545/0909438447/ 0914452934/0914343102

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